Born in Valleyfield, Québec in 1955, with paintbrush in hand, - or almost: his father was a lettering artist – Charles Leblanc began painting at the age of 15. After graduating in graphic design, he started his career in the ad business as a layout man and illustrator. Leblanc soon made a name for himself and set up his own graphic arts studio. Thirty years later, his expertise as an art director, which has often been rewarded by his peers, prompts him to unleash at last his lifelong passion for painting.


A self-taught painter, Leblanc puts on the canvas his love for life and all his favorite things that roam through his mind. Led by his emotions, the artist uses a joyful color palette from which, as he pleases, a figurative style can move to the abstract with equal bliss. Leblanc’s generous and powerful strokes have become an unmistakable signature in the world of art. Whether the artist tackles mysterious Chinese Feng Shui symbolism, old school german cars, the organic Machinoïd, portraits of artists and personalities or his Face cachée collection , it seems - when one looks very closely – that there are many other tiny fascinating paintings hiding in the original oeuvre.